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1 Week remaining for the Cretaceous Seas Kickstarter

Hello vore fans!

The Cretaceous Seas game is nearly funded and it looks like the kickstarter campaign is going to be a success! As of this moment, the campaign has raised $20,560 (93% of the target goal) and we have another 7 full days of funding left. Seeing so many people come together to support the project is more mind-blowing than I could have expected. 

Production for the game is in full-swing now, and hitting the $22k funding goal will make working on it a lot easier.  Going beyond that goal is even better and will make it possible to spend more time refining and perfecting every facet of the game. A lot of the concept art, sketches, and animation roughs are being posted into my deviantart account, here:

Check out the link below to learn more about the game and become a backer.  An important note for would-be-backers is that there's an additional vote-based comic that has been added to the $25 rewards tier, so if you want to help pick what kind of scene will be drawn for it you know what to do. ;) The vote-based comic was added a week after the campaign launched so it's not listed under the rewards because they can't be edited.  A link to the poll for voting is in the updates tab.


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